Fonderia Brusatori is at your disposal whenever your productions require the highest quality standards and, at the same time, that "old attention" to details
for our seriousness, for the hard work of foundry owners into production activity, for a constant quality over time. From project to delivery, the whole production cycle is under the strictest quality controls, but always with the care of that "old time handcrafter"

Italian foundry supplying aluminium and aluminium alloy castings. The company was founded in the '60 by Ambrogio Brusatori and it is now managed by his sons, Cristiano and Fabrizio, who also work in the manufacturing process.

output rate: 3,000 kg/day.
Quality control is an important part of our service: all production phases, from pouring to delivery, are checked with the highest attention.


1. Industrial, nautical and automotive mechanics.

2. Explosion proofed.

3. Plastic.

4. Lifting equipment.